iTOL Accredited Foster Carers

The NFCQ Brings You a New Generation of iTOL Accredited Foster Carers

“We are extremely proud of this exclusive partnership with iTOL, allowing us to bring these new accredited qualifications to the market, they form part of our continued commitment to raising standards in foster care for children, young people and those who care for them, and assist in transforming retention and recruitment.”
NFCQ Co-Founders

The Social Market Foundation’s recent ‘Fostering the Future’ paper highlighted that there is no way to measure the qualifications, education or skills of foster carers, with no benchmark or standardisation of training, no national strategy for assessing whether their skills, qualifications and experience meet the needs of the range of children who need fostering.

In November 2022 we launched the National Foster Carers Qualifications, a national standardised education framework for foster carers, and we are now delighted to announce we have chosen iTOL as our accreditation partners to provide that benchmark and national strategy for assessing skills and knowledge of foster carers.

iTOL is a globally recognised standard of accreditation, it is the UK’s professional body for trainers, learning and development professionals. It provides independent accreditation to organisations in a variety of sectors, organisations and industries both at home and internationally.

iTOL is the first elite professional body for trainers and human resource development professionals in the United Kingdom. It provides ample resources for Learning and Development Professionals to design and deliver excellent training and supports all trainers’ professionalism with globally recognised accreditation.

The NFCQ wanted an accreditation that aligned closely with the foster carer sector, a practical, 24/7 front-line role in children’s services, not just an academic accreditation but one that reflects the foster carer’s role and specialisms within an industry context.

Learning often depends on how knowledge is delivered, and as new technologies emerge, how we learn and consume knowledge and information is changing, incorporating more social, collaborative, and virtual dimensions. NFCQ have an ongoing commitment to be well-versed in how to transform content for easier consumption. iTOL allows us to continually grow, evolve, develop, be innovative and stay current and relevant.

Certification by iTOL provides a kite mark of quality that serves professionals and providers alike and helps to raise overall standards. An independent international standard that enables authorities, agencies and commissioning teams to recognise this high-quality provision.

iTOL is the British Institute for Trainers and Learning & development (L&D) practitioners, whose clients include BT, KNPG, Capita, Harrods, NHS, REED, HMRC, The Scottish Government, Citizens Advice, ACAS, Fire and Rescue Service, BAE Systems.

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