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The NFCQ Qualifications sets the standard for education within the fostering sector. 

Why chose NFCQ?

  • Have confidence in an education pathway underpinned by NMS & Regulations
  • Your foster carers will lead the way in excellence
  • Improved placement stability and outcomes for children
  • Aid retention and recruitment
  • Cost and efficiency savings – no more multiple training purchases or in-house development, one standardised education pathway, in one place, one price
  • NFCQ Reflective Groups to ensure understanding, reflection, learning, and shared experience and to value foster carer’s work
  • Written by top-qualified experts in fostering and related fields
  • Create more stable, loving, skilled and permanent homes for children and young people

Fostering Providers -Why chose the NFCQ pathway?

Whether a newly qualified foster carer or an existing approved carer the NFCQ pathway will give you the opportunity to join a new cohort of foster carers to lead the way in excellence.

You will benefit from courses written by top experts in their fields and underpinned by regulations.

We put trauma-informed relational education at the heart of the NFCQ to create wide-ranging, lasting change and make a significant difference to young lives, we put children first, raising standards and outcomes.

Our Reflective Groups will bring foster carers together from across the UK to share experience, and knowledge to bring theory to life in practice, to network and connect.

Foster Carers, pre and post-approval

You should be able to access the NFCQ Foundation Qualification through your fostering provider, ask them to access the course. However, the course is also available for individuals to purchase, contact [email protected]

NFCQ Groups pioneering new programme for foster carers and fostering providers.

The NFCQ Groups have been developed to harness the power of relational and reflective work, interpersonal interaction and mutual support, to raise standards, outcomes and stability for foster carers, providers and the children in their care.

Run as safe learning spaces to enhance NFCQ education with a focus on trauma informed therapeutic care, building confidence, and develop a foster carer community accomplished in all aspects and requirements of their fostering role.

NFCQ groups are a simple, time and resource efficient way to develop confident skilled qualified foster carers, plus an effective way for them to connect and build strong networks of support for the fostering family in the wider context.

NFCQ Qualifications

Foundation Course in Fostering

Foundation course in fostering

This course contains the child-focused standards and values required by foster carers to secure positive welfare, health, educational and safeguarding outcomes for children and to deliver trauma-informed care.

Intermediate course in fostering

Intermediate course in fostering

Currently in development, this intermediate course will build on the foundation course and will develop your skills and knowledge further and provide a more in-depth study into complex areas such as trauma-informed care.

Coming Soon
Advanced course in fostering

Advanced course in fostering

The advanced course in fostering will build on the intermediate course and foundation course skills. This course will explore the social impact and implications of foster care, the wider fostering sector, social inclusion and equality.

Coming Soon
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